Is your business ready for sale?

Almost any business will sell - for the right price and the right conditions.  However the price and conditions may not always suit the owner.

Navigating the process of exiting your business for the right price is all about managing the uncertainty that comes from having to deal with another party.   Nothing is certain until the cheque is in the bank and cleared.

Before you sell your business it pays to find out the likelihood of success - on your terms.







The sale process can take anywhere between 6 months and up to two years for a complex business.  It is not something you do without being ready.

If you want to sell for the best price you must be prepared.

Find out how to add zeros to the price of your business by determining the likelihood that your business will:

  • Attract a buyer.

  • Attract a premium.

  • Have a smooth transaction.

Get a Sale Ready Assessment of Your Likelihood of Selling Your Business 


We can remotely assess your business to discover how likely it is your business will sell for the price you need. 

Our Sale Ready process will provide you with:

  • Risk profile of your business.

  • Indication of the likelihood of achieving a premium price for your business.

  • Improvement opportunities that will help increase the value of your business.

  • The preparation you need to be ready for a transaction.

Buying or selling a business is a complex process and it pays to make sure you have all the answers.  

A business is meant to be an asset that secures your wealth and provides the lifestyle you want.  

So you NEED to be ready for one of the most important transactions of your life.
Do you want to:

  • Find out the likelihood your business will sell?

  • Discover the likelihood your business will attract a premium?

  • Find out how prepared you are for a smooth transaction process?


Then follow this link to make a free no-obligation enquiry about how we can help you achieve the best outcome.

Growing your business with our Sale Ready workshops

We have structured a series of easy to digest workshops to tailor your business and needs.  These valuation driven workshops give you the knowledge, ideas and plans to create and realise the price you want for your business:

  • Understanding value

  • Creating value

  • Realising value

  • Acquisition value


During these workshops you will:

  • Calculate a value range for your business

  • Determine the readiness of your business for sale

  • Understand the attractiveness of your business to potential buyers.

  • Create a detailed picture of what opportunities you have to increase the value of your business.

  • Identify who is likely to buy your business

  • Develop realistic exit strategies that will achieve the value you want for your business

  • Help you prepare for the right acquisition and detailing the steps you need to implement to make sure the acquisition is a success.

These workshops not only guide you through the theory of valuing, growing, selling or acquiring a business, they also provide the tools for you to implement your plans.  

The insights you gain from these workshop will challenge your existing strategies for growth  and exit strategies of the business and provide the basis for creating the outcomes you want and ensuring your plans are based on a realistic value assessment.

How Do They Work?

We can deliver each workshop as a a half-day onsite, facilitated workshop, or we can do the work for you and produce a written report. 


You can participate in the workshops or we can tailor a SaleReady program that is specific to your situation and needs.

Click here to make an enquiry and arrange a no-obligation discussion about your situation and your needs.