Has your growth strategy put your business in the best position to sell?

The aim of any business is to increase the wealth of the owners. If your growth strategy has not successfully achieved this you need to think carefully about how and why you are selling. 

A “fire sale” is the least desirable position to be in. If you have come to a decision to sell based on failure to grow, rather than business growth we recommend you seek advice before you sell. There may be growth strategy options available that will put you in a better position.

A buyer wants to see healthy business growth potential 

As with your succession plan, a potential buyer will scrutinise your existing growth strategy so that they feel confident in the long term health and growth of your business. 

If you would like assistance in presenting a growth strategy plan that will attract buyers, please get in touch or consider doing our Creating Value and Realising Value workshops as part of the Sale Readyprogram. 

These will fast track your understanding of what buyers are looking for when it comes to business growth potential.

You can implement some growth strategy options now if you are planning on selling

If you are looking at selling in the next 12 to 24 months, it is worth asking some key questions. 

  • Are you drawing a sufficient wage and still generating a profit?

  • Has your bank balance for the business increased during the year?

  • Has your profits consistently increased over the last three years?

  • Has your lifestyle improved?

If you answered “NO” to two or more of these questions then your business is most likely losing value. Your activities are destroying wealth – not creating it.  

If you want to fix this before selling you will need to implement a growth strategy. 

There are four main growth options available to any business:  

  • Increase the share of your existing markets.

  • Develop new markets for existing products and services.

  • Develop new products and services for your existing markets.

  • Enter new markets with new products and services.


These strategies can be implemented within your existing business, and you can also grow your business through merging with or acquiring other businesses. 

Making the right growth decisions is a critical step in creating the wealth you want.

Selling your business may be part of your own business growth plans 

Your personal plans are an important consideration when it comes selling your business. If you are looking to invest profits into another business you may want to seek advice about investing, tax and other financial issues. 

We can connect you with the best people to advise you about all aspects of business selling, buying and wealth creation strategies.