How can you sell or exit your busines?

An exit strategy is all about realising the value of the owner’s investment - hopefully with sufficient capital growth. 

The “Big Boys” (Listed Companies) have it easy. The shareholders exit strategy is to buy and sell any day and almost at any time. 

It isn't that easy for small business owners - an exit strategy can take time and effort to implement.  

But a well planned exit strategy is usually the best way a business owner or investor gets a return on their investment  – with that elusive capital growth.  


The choice of exit strategy will influence the effort required as well as the potential investment returns expected.

With some preparation a small business owner can improve the profits they get by choosing the exit strategy that suits their situation.

Despite what some business owners think, there is more than one way to exit a business.

In fact - we have documented at least 13 Exit Strategies for Small Business  in our latest whitepaper.

How to pick the most profitable exit strategy for you?

There are many issues to consider when developing an exit strategy but the key ones are:

  • The price you want.

  • Your circumstances.

  • The buyer landscape.







In fact often an exit strategy will need to change as new opportunities and information is discovered.

An effective exit strategy will have the capacity to change and be based on the value of your business to the buyer.

How Can You Cash In Your Business and Exit?

By working with Maxell Consulting to create a tailored exit strategy we will answer the key questions: 

  • Who will buy the business?

  • What will the buyer pay?

  • How to communicate the real value of your investment to the buyer?

  • How to select an exit strategy that is right for your situation.

  • How it will be implemented?

  • What are the key actions that will lead to a successful implementation?

Our Exit Strategies can be provided as written reports with detailed action plans or delivered as interactive workshops.

Find out the next steps you need to take to cash in your business investment.