Why a small business needs a business valuation

There are many situations where you need to understand the value of your business:

  • Buying a business.

  • Selling your business.

  • Selling a share of the business.

  • Someone has made an offer for your business.

  • You are considering taking on a partner or investor.

  • You want to retire and pass your business onto your family.

  • You are about to expand your business.


Regardless of the reason, the value of a business is the only financial metric that combines the profitability, the investment and the risk into a single measure.

A business valuation helps you:

  • Sell for the best price.

  • Pay no more than you need to acquire the business.  

  • Settle a commercial dispute.

  • Develop an exit strategy.

  • Bring in an investor.  


Our formal and informal business valuation process: 

 All our business valuations follow a standard process to ensure we understand the situation and your needs:

  • Comply with ATO market valuation guidelines.

  • Meet APES 225 Valuation Services standards.

  • Supported by rigorous analysis and documentation. 

  • Are fixed price.


Our credible and defendable business valuation reports include:

  • The methodology and approach adopted.

  • The information relied upon to arrive at a valuation range.

  • Cross-check methods used to compare with the primary valuation method.

  • An analysis of industry trends and risk.

  • Evidence to support the analysis and conclusions.


Our business valuations are:

  • Independent.

  • Fully documented.

  • Court compliant for dispute purposes.

  • Based on more than 15 years business analysis experience.


How can Maxell Consulting help?

The value of your business is the most empowering information you can have - it is the key to either realising that value or increasing the value.

We empower business owners with the right knowledge and understanding about the value range of their business and how they can increase its value.

An informed vendor is a profitable vendor. The more you know about how to value a small business the more appealing you can make your business to a potential buyer.   

Once you know exactly what your business is worth, you can implement the best growth strategy  and exit strategy  to sell to the best buyer at the highest price. 

Our fundamental approach is not to just give you a report on the value range of your business but to arm you with the right understanding about what you should do next.

We have a range of services and products that can give you confidence and empower you to increase or acheive the value of your business:

  • One on one consulting

  • Tailored half day workshops

  • Cost effective yet empowering teleconference appraisals


You will identify some areas that need improving 

Delving into business valuation will no doubt expose areas of your business that require improvement. 

It is unwise to try and sell your business if you know there are weaknesses in certain systems. 

You may like to work with Maxell Consulting to identify and improve areas such as: business manuals, KPI reporting, profit reporting, budgeting, inventory management and scheduling. 

Learning how to value a small business may also put you in a great position to take advantage of Maxell’s unique and powerful Sale Ready program – get your business ready to sell by participating in these popular and results driven courses.