At Maxell Consulting, we’re in the selling business


A business broker knows the market place. A regular business consultant knows business. 

At Maxell Consulting we combine these two distinct areas of expertise. We understand selling business strategies, from business valuation to increasing value and cash flow.  


It’s all about preparing businesses for sale and we know exactly what it takes to get your business sale ready for the market place.


We are passionate about preparing businesses for sale   


Maxell Consulting started as a traditional business consultancy, developing business and marketing plans to help businesses grow and expand. 

During many of these projects, clients would ask the questions: 

  • What is my business worth?

  • How do I access this value?

  • When do I do it?   

These questions were so valuable that we turned our focus to them and built the next stage of our consultancy dedicated to advising and preparing businesses for sale.

Mike Williams - Founding Principal

Mike Williams B App Sc, Chemistry & Computing, University Tasmania
MBA Deakin University

Mike has nearly 25 years experience working with large and small businesses, including:

  • Over 15 years in production management and technical development roles in the pulp & paper, power generation, minerals processing, chemicals and environmental sectors.

  • More than 15 years as a consultant to manufacturing industry and small business.

In establishing Maxell Consulting, Mike decided to combined his knowledge of systems and procedures with his passion for profits, and focus on helping small business create “big business” outcomes.

Mike has helped many businesses develop innovative plans to drive expansion, increase profits and secure a long term future.   He has also had extensive experience in regional economic development projects, working with hundreds of small businesses to find new markets, increase market share or develop a new direction. 

In corporate life, his experience in managing large groups of continuous shift employees, leading plant upgrade projects in excess of $6 million and managing annual operating budgets over $14 million has taught him the importance of systems in achieving results.

“Looking back on my experience, the key element of success desired by all the businesses I have worked for was to have a good (or even great) return on investment.   The business mantra was not just to be profitable – but profitable enough to justify the investment in the business.   This principle laid the future cornerstone of what Maxell Consulting is all about”.