The best decisions on when and how to exit your business should be based on the value of the business.

Small business owners usually have some idea of what a business may be worth but often lack the detailed insights into how to:

  • Increase the value of a business

  • Find alternative ways to exit the business. 

  • Buy the right business.


We help uncover the development plans or exit strategy options small business owners need to get the value they want from the business.

Ask us what exit strategy options you have or download our free whitepaper on Small Business Exit Strategies.


Small business valuation and exit strategy experts

Maxell Consulting has been helping small business owners for more than 15 years with a unique blend of experience and skills in business valuation, small business exit strategies and business development.  Mike Williams has lead specialist valuation businesses, consulted to large organisations and lead multi-million dollar investment projects. 

We are experts in linking the value of your business to an exit strategy that fits your situation:

The value of the business is the only metric that combines cash flow, capital investment and risk into a single measure that tells the business owner if their efforts have been worthwhile.

Learn more about the importance of business valuation from our Whitepaper: Ins and Outs of Valuation