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Value Adding News - January 2011

Happy New Year!!!!

As people trickle reluctantly back to work from a well earned break,  others are already contemplating their plans for 2011.  Unfortanately some are looking at what and how to rebuild after the devastation of floods in many parts of the country.  Our thoughts go out to those in crisis - whether directly or indirectly affected.

However the demands on business remain and there are opportunities to look forward to this year.

Regardles of what you are doing, now is a good time to answer one critical question:
  • How will the rest of the year (and future years) increase the value of your business? 
Contact us now to find out how you can answer this question.

In This Issue

Will your business attract a premium from effective documented systems?

A well managed business will always attract a higher premium than a business that relies on its owner and has poorly documented systems and procedures.

Potential buyers look for a business that is not only profitable but also one that does not rely heavily on the owner. 

And they are willing to pay for such a rare golden egg!

So how well does your business documentation stack up?  Does your business rely heavily on you?

Find out how you can change all that and increase the value of your business in the process.

Newsletters For 2011

Our newsletters will be covering a range of topics this year, including:
  • What is succession planning all about?
  • How do you buy a business at the right price?
  • How do you decide which business opportunity to target next?
  • Getting the financing mix right.
What else would you like to know about?  What questions have you had about your business and its value?

We want to provide you with information that helps you - so let us know by sending us an email or by going to our Contact Us page and filling out the enquiry form.

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