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Are you confident you have a winning cashflow business to sell? 

Being able to show evidence of your winning cashflow business is the surest way to attract the right kind of buyer. Prospective buyers don’t want to have to fish around for information about business cash flow . It must be apparent and transparent.

Long term business cash flow depends on comprehensive business systems

Effective business systems are critical to business cash flow .  They are also critical to your capacity to sell. Strong business systems add value to your business as they give a buyer the confidence that the business won’t fall apart when you leave. 

How reliant is your business on key systems? Are your systems properly documented and people aware of them? Are they helping your people make the right decisions at the right time with the right information? Do your business systems keep your cash flowing?

A business systems audit finds the holes in your business systems and helps to identify how they can be plugged to increase the capacity of the business to perform effectively.

 Benefits of a Systems Audit:

  • Increased capacity to provide consistent performance to customers, suppliers and employees
  • More effective decision making with reliable information
  • Increased profits from more consistent performance
  • Reduced costs from inefficient business processes
  • Reduced risk of poor business performance

How does a Systems Audit work? 

First we sit with you to understand your business and your objectives, and to document the key information flows and processes of your business. 

Then we assess key areas of your business to determine: 
  1. What relevant business systems exist?
  2. Are they sufficiently documented?
  3. Do they rely on key staff?
  4. Are they automated?
  5. Do they provide information and outputs in a time and cost effective manner?
  6. Do they contribute to the value of your business?
This assessment can take the form of a simple audit, or can be developed into a detailed review that also collates supporting evidence to highlight the strengths and weaknesses of your business systems. 

Both the Audit and the Review provide an overview of the areas that need improvement. This will then tell you the exact actions you need to take to turn your business into a winning cashflow business that will attract genuine buyers and a high sale price.