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Secret Profits Melbourne, Business Profits Melbourne

Where are the secret profits in your business?  

Unlock your secret profits and see the value and potential sale price of your business soar.

Most business owners know their business can make more profit, but often knowing how to generate that profit gets lost in the daily grind of the urgent.  Unlocking the secret profits held in a business requires a greater knowledge of which market segments drive sales and profit growth. 
  • Make your financial and accounting reports match reality
  • Develop more realistic sales and profit budgets
  • Develop a detailed breakdown of sales by customer and product groups
  • Develop market matrices that sales and profits by key market segments
  • Understand the key ratios and factors that make a difference to your bottom line
  • Develop sales and profit scenarios and assess their financial impact

You know there is a massive wealth of knowledge within your business but

Getting access to that knowledge is time consuming and difficult.
Often you are simply too close to the issues to see what the trends are saying.
Sometimes it is hard to understand what financial information really means.

The Secret Profits program helps you release the information you need to develop better sales and profit action plans.   The program unlocks the information held in systems such as MYOB or Quickbooks reports and provides an indepth analysis before developing realistic action plans.

Secret Profits program help you improve business profits in time for sale   

Implement the Secret Profits program and you will be much better prepared for the sale of your business. Benefits include:
  • Increased profit from more effective sales plans
  • Improved profitability from better decision making
  • Increased confidence in your plans and their implementation
  • Reduced risk of poor business performance or business failure
  • Increased comfort with business direction and strategy
  • Be able to measure your improvement plans

How does Secret Profits work?

The program is implemented in three stages:  
  1. We discuss your current situation and identify the sales and profit goals you wish to achieve.   Then we take your recent sales and financial information for further analysis.
  2. Using our automated spreadsheet analysis system we identify your key market and profit segments and provide you with an initial report on what drives the profits in your business.
  3. A four hour workshop is held with your team to assess the information and develop realistic action plans to increase sales and profits.
We use our software and workshop processes to take the time and effort out of extracting useful information from your financial records and bookkeeping system.

We give you the knowledge and understanding to unlock the secret profits from your business.