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Multi-component profit, Scheduling lead to greater profit

Are you doing all you can to realise multi-component profit?  

The more you can show capacity for multi-component profit the greater your chances will be of a good business sale. This aspect of your business is closely linked with profit reporting and is crucial information to be able to make immediately apparent to a buyer.

How does right scheduling lead to greater profit  

Good scheduling can help you create multi-component profit that will make your business extremely attractive as a purchase. It leads to:
  • More efficient utilisation of assets
  • Reduced costs of production
  • Reduced wastage
  • Increased capacity
  • Improved customer delivery of products and services from shorter lead times
Better scheduling actually gives you more profit from reduced costs and more effective utilisation of resources.  

Often this can result in more available capacity and hence reduced investment requirements for the future.

You don’t need an expensive system – just a clear one  

There are expensive systems that allow a business to do multi-component scheduling and monitor what they are doing, when they can do it and what they did. These systems even integrate with other accounting software. 

But most small businesses don’t have the funds for these systems and often just need a simple solution.

Maxell Consulting
has developed a spreadsheet-based system for scheduling and monitoring business activities that small businesses can really profit from. It is readily tailored to individual businesses and provides reports on: 
  • Activities planned ahead
  • Spare capacity
  • Efficiency trends
  • Actual performance and profit reports
But better scheduling is not just about software, it also requires robust and realistic policies and procedures to facilitate effective management decisions.  Maxell Consulting can help you develop these systems to support your operations – ensuring you give your business the best chance of selling for a high price and fruitful profit.