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Each month Maxell Consulting provides a complimentary industry analysis from the vast knowledge resources of IBISWorld.

This month IBISWorld reviews the waste disposal sector in Australia, which has grown by nearly 11% over the past five years.

Compared with the economy as a whole, the industry has not felt the adverse effects of the economic downturn, as the need for waste disposal services mounts and prices for recyclable materials increase.

On top of this, contracts for waste disposal services are often negotiated for a long period of time, therefore reducing the sensitivity of revenue to external market factors.

For the next five years, the industry is forecast to grow by a slower 5.7% per annum. This can be attributed to a downward trend in construction activity and a shift towards high-density housing, which will effectively lower waste volumes.

However the robustness of the top waste disposal companies attests to the positive outlook for the industry in the next five years. Long-term contracts with clients and the increasing awareness of environmental issues will cushion the industry from external shocks caused by market volatility. Success in the industry will be dependent on the deploying technology to streamline management of distribution and waste collection networks.

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