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KPI Reporting Melbourne, KPI Reports Melbourne

KPI reporting is directly related to the value and sale potential of your business  

KPI reporting not only helps you measure business performance, it is crucial to your ability to communicate this to a potential buyer. Buyers are not particularly interested in anecdotal evidence of performance. They want to see concrete evidence in the form of KPI reporting and related areas such as: 

Profit reporting
Inventory procedures
Multi-component profit reporting and scheduling  

If your KPI reports are lacking, then you need to get them up to par and into a readable, presentable format well before you take your business to the market place.

Free yourself from the daily demands of your business   

You will not be able to sell your business while you are intrinsically caught up in the day to day operations. Nor will this make it an attractive prospect for a buyer.

Knowing how your business is performing from one week or month to the next is the best way to avoid getting to involved in the business, and giving you and your staff a reminder to work on the business.  

How do you know how well your business is performing?  Do your management reports keep you and your staff motivated to do better? Do they help with effective management decision making? Are your KPI reports ready one of your key sales tools?

KPI Reporting for small business

Maxell Consulting has developed a simple but effective spreadsheet system to track the key performance indicators that are important for your business.

It allows for easy data entry and reports can be customised to suit each business. In some cases the system can interface with your accounting or bookkeeping software. 

Track key indicators such as: 
  • Weekly and month sales
  • Number of new customers and repeat customers
  • Sales and profit progress against budget
  • Key costs for the month.
  • Production and service activity levels
  • Key staff indicators
As the system is based in Excel, the information is readily available to do other reporting and analysis. It isn’t locked away forever in some system you don’t understand.  This also makes your KPI reports a valuable and accessible selling point for your business

Maxell Consulting can

  • Audit your existing business operations and reports to determine the key performance indicators that you need to measure to achieve your goals and objectives.
  • Implement a simple KPI Reporting system to help you track and control performance.
  • Implement a management procedure to monitor and review your performance and develop action plans to address areas that need improvement.