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Inventory Procedures, Manage Inventory Systems Melbourne

Your inventory procedures tell a story about your business

What will your inventory procedures tell a prospective buyer about your business? That excessive cash is tied in up inventory? That your working capital is poorly managed? Or – worst of all – what inventory procedures?

Increase business value as you manage inventory systems

Your business value will increase in proportion to how well you manage inventory systems and what you can quickly and easily show a buyer about the balance of cash and inventory in your business. Improved inventory procedures lead to the following benefits:
  • Decreased working capital requirements and more cash in the bank
  • Satisfied customers resulting from reliable and timely product delivery
  • Satisfied suppliers from more consistency and transparency in ordering patterns
  • Reduced space and handling requirements from lower inventory levels
  • Better management decision making based on reliable inventory reporting
The most obvious reward you will get as you manage inventory systems better is that you increase the amount of cash you have in the bank – which is a very appealing thing for anyone looking to buy your business.

Think you might need to make a few inventory systems improvements? 

It is wise to get inventory procedures into shape well before you start canvassing for potential buyers. If your own systems are a little outdated, convoluted or don’t easily translate into concrete information and reporting, you may like to consider our Effective Inventory Program.

Maxell Consulting has developed an Effective Inventory Program that includes policies, procedures and systems as well as automated Excel-based spreadsheet software.

The systems are designed to provide fast and reliable information. Which is crucial not only to your operations but to any prospective buyer.

The software can track movement of raw materials, work in process and finished goods, and provide regular reports for stock on hand, stock movement, item replenishment and other key parameters. As it is based in Excel, the information is readily available to do other reporting and analysis.  

Remember, inventory management is not just about a software package – although good software helps. Improved inventory control comes from implementing consistent and reliable procedures and systems.