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Business systems analysis Melbourne

A business systems analysis will help you get the best price

It is essential to know precisely what you are selling – so that your buyer knows just what they are buying. Conduct your own business systems analysis (or work with us to help you) so you know areas of strength to capitalise on, and areas of weakness to address before selling your business

Your buyer knows that better business systems drive profits

Business systems are all the processes and procedures used to run a business and help make decisions. Effective systems provide a business with: 
  • Lower costs and higher profits
  • Consistent performance for customers, suppliers and employees
  • Capacity and scale to grow
Better business systems not only drive profits in a business, they help to create increased value. A buyer will no doubt want to do their own business systems analysis so if you have already done this you will be in stronger position to sell.

Find out if your business can run without you

A business systems analysis will make it immediately apparent whether or not your business can run without you.

And in order for it to be an attractive option for a buyer – they must be able to see that this is so. A business that depends on its owner or on key staff is not as valuable as one that runs, grows and prospers “on its own” (due to the comprehensive business systems you have in place).

How do you create better business systems? 

Effective business systems must:
  • Not rely on key staff
  • Be clearly documented
  • Provide timely information
  • Create consistent performance
  • Support effective decision making
The first step in creating better business systems is to conduct a Systems Audit  to highlight the strengths and weaknesses of your current systems.   

Based on this audit you can then develop and implement an action plan including:
  • Documenting your policies and procedures.
  • Automated management report systems that support management decision making.
  • Continuous improvement processes.

What can Maxell Consulting do?

Maxell Consulting has worked with many SME’s that lack the information and systems that larger businesses take for granted.   We help SME’s develop and implement systems that create value and make your business attractive to potential buyers.

Our programs and services include: These systems can be easily implemented in most businesses and become very effective tools for increasing profits.