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Are your office systems in a fit state to sell? 

When you think about it, office systems are the backbone of what a purchaser is buying. They need to know that your business can run effectively without you, your personality, the current key staff and any idiosyncratic systems that you have in place.

Take a simple systems test: If your key staff walked out tomorrow, could others step up and perform just as well?

If you answered "NO", or had to think about it, then your office systems are not in a fit state to sell – and this will reduce the value and sale price of your business.

Go through your business manuals with a fine tooth comb 

At a time when you are preparing to sell, and hoping to get the best possible price (and smoothest sale process) for your business, don’t fall prey to the two office systems mistakes:
  1. Keeping crucial process information inside your (or anyone else’s) head
  2. Not regularly updating your business manuals
If you are in the first category then it is essential that you create a set of business manuals before you move to sell your business.

If you are in the second category then take some time to review and update your business manuals so that you can hand over a fully operational system to a new owner with absolute confidence.

Take the stress out of business manuals with a step by step process 

Developing business manuals and documentation does not have to be the burden and nightmare most business owners think it is – as long as you follow a process:  
  • Chart the processes and flow of the business
  • Identify the key decisions and information needed by each stage of the business
  • Talk to the key people to document what they do and how they do it
  • Format the information into a well structured manual with policies, procedures and key forms
  • Get people to review and sign off on the procedures
  • Train people on the agreed content

Aligning your business manuals with your office systems has now become a whole lot easier

Maxell Consulting  has developed standard procedure manuals that are tailored to the needs of each individual business.

Using a structured process that draws on the expertise and working knowledge of people within your business, we help you create an accurate and reliable set of operations procedures and working business manuals.

Save yourself and your staff valuable time by working with Maxell 

This is especially crucial when you are preparing for sale. You no doubt already feel as though there are too many things to do and not enough hours in the day.

Work with us to streamline your office systems and create winning business manuals that will be a powerful selling point for your business.

Enquire now about business manuals.

And if you want to go through a comprehensive step by step process to get your business ready for sale at the best price, enroll in our Sale Ready workshop program.