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Selling business, Preparing businesses for sale Melbourne

At Maxell Consulting, we’re in the selling business   

A business broker knows the market place. A regular business consultant knows business.

At Maxell Consulting we combine these two distinct areas of expertise. We understand selling business strategies, from business valuation to increasing value and cash flow.   It’s all about preparing businesses for sale and we know exactly what it takes to get your business sale ready for the market place.

Passionate about preparing businesses for sale   

Maxell Consulting started as a traditional business consultancy, developing business and marketing plans to help businesses grow and expand.

During many of these projects, clients would ask the questions:

• What is my business worth?
• How do I access this value?
• When do I do it?  

These questions were so valuable that we turned our focus to them and built the next stage of our consultancy dedicated to advising and preparing businesses for sale.

We start with business evaluation and value creation

We conduct an extensive business evaluation, analysing exactly where your business is at, how much you know about it, what it is worth and what its potential worth is. Along the way, we teach you business valuation skills so you understand where your selling business sits in the market place.

Implement any necessary business systems development

We help systemise your business through documented procedures, reporting systems, process improvement and developing a more disciplined management process. You can use our services and also access our range of products – developed from a customer perspective to help you get your business 100% sale ready.

To help you create the perfect succession plan and exit strategy

We help you identify your exit strategy options, develop implementation plans and create succession plans that ensure the best sale price possible as well as the ongoing success of the business after you have left.

So then you are ready to sell!

 Who we are

The core team at Maxell Consulting are: We are also supported by other professionals in many fields and have an extensive network of expert consultants we can access resources that cover most areas of business management and improvement.