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Maxell Consulting News - January 2011

Happy New Year and to most associates - welcome back from holidays!!!!

2011 has started with lots of great news stories and some tragedies as well.  Our thoughts are with anyone who has been directly affected by the recent floods.

It is a timely reminder of how external events can impact lives and businesses, and whilst it is impossible to completely manage these extreme events, they do emphasise how important it is to be prepared for the events we can manage.

I hope to use this bi-monthly newsletter to stay in touch with people, and keep everyone informed of what we are doing and offer opportunities to network and work together to help our clients.

If you find an offer or article that you think your contacts would benefit from, feel free to forward this newsletter or a link to your contact.

If there is anything you would like to discuss or explore where we may be able to help, give us a call or send an email!

In This Issue

  • Our latest Good News Story
  • New Partnering Offer
  • Featured Associate
  • Links and articles

Our Latest Good News Story

We have noticed a significant increase in the number of people considering buying a business or buying into one they are already involved in.  The key to this is to buy in at the right price. 

One of our clients was recently successful in buying a business for a lot less than the initial asking price.  The key to this was having the right information to develop an effective negotiation strategy. Are any of your clients or contacts considering purchasing a business?  Perhaps we can work with you to guide them through the process? 

Contact us to discuss how we can work with you and your contacts.

Maxell Consulting Partnering Offer

One of the excellent business coaches that we have worked with recently has found that some of his clients have asked the question "what would I get if I sold my business?". 

So we helped his client answer this question using our powerful process "Your Value NOW".  It is a 1 hour phone call that gives the client an indication of the potential value of their business, and the key factors of the business that need to be changed to increase its value.

In most cases this critical piece of information (the value of the business) has a significant impact on the plans for the business, and can provide the coach with powerful information to help them guide the business owner to greater success and wealth.

So Maxell Consulting has developed a special "Associates" offer that will remain open until 31 March 2011:
  • We are offering our associates a 50% discount on our "Your Value NOW" program to any of your clients or contacts.
  • You are free to charge an additional fee that you keep as an introduction fee.
Contact us to discuss the program and how it may benefit your clients and your business, and to register your involvement in the Special Associates Offer.

Featured Associate - Jim Boyer (Jim Boyer & Associates)

Jim has achieved success in business, through his experiences in both success and things that didn’t go so well!

He has ran his own business over the past 20 years, building lightweight racing Catamarans for the international market and concurrently operated a spray painting workshop for a 6 year period, subcontracting to the state government.

Jim took an ongoing interest in personal development and business education while in business. To capitalise on this experience he gained formal coaching qualifications and moved into coaching several years ago. He now helps many business owners across Melbourne and regional Victoria achieve their goals.

He not only understands the importance of building a profitable business, but preparing for the eventual exit from the business and getting the most value. 

Jim is an independent coach working under the guide lines of the international coach federation, which he is a member of.

If you, or one of your contacts, needs a coach that helps you achieve success in life and business then give him a call

New Articles and Links

We love helping people and writing about what we have learnt along the way.  Read our latest articles and links below: Click here to explore our expanding library of free articles.

Links to our recent Clients and Contacts newsletters are found in our Resources Centre.

Newsletters For 2011

We will be scheduling a range of offers and information over the coming 12 months. 

If you would like some information about a particular issue or idea then contact us and discuss how our newsletter may help.

If you would like to participate or develop specific offers for your contacts then we would also love to hear from you.  Just let us know by sending us an email, phone call or by going to our Contact Us page and filling out the enquiry form.